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I hired the amazing Oxford Comma Co. to break down all the special things I do. I will update it with the masterpiece that is describing how hard I go for my clients and people I am documenting. KNOW this is important to me. That is why I hired a professional to write it because my own words don't do it justice! 

what we do and how we do it

Our Philosophy on Storytelling


Analog   |

Digital   |


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The difference between analog film and digital photography is what comes out in the end. Film, so very distinct and unrepeatable. These analog + digital mixed sessions are super intentional and loaded with that same nostalgic feeling you get while looking through old photos.. That vibe that they’re from another time. Analog film sessions include film and scans from two rolls of 35mm film and polaroid instant film from your session. Each roll of film includes 24 or 36 exposures and each pack of Polaroid includes 8 Polaroids. 

Investment starts at $500

Analog Film 

Super 8   |  

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Part digital photography, for those quick moments you can't plan and part film for those slower moments where we can wind down and get a little more comfy. I know we all want to get photos over with but it's nice to be able to just slow down and go with the flow and use different mediums for different moments. I'm enthralled with film images but maybe you're only slightly interested. If so this the perfect package for you. This session is 75% digital and 25% film. For when you're wanting something super nostalgic and analog but also want something crisp and quickly and a lot of photos and moments. Most sessions have one pack of polaroid and most of a roll of 35mm film mixed in with a lot of digital images that all match the vibe you're going for. 

Investment starts at $1000

Digital and Film

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My love runs deep with mixing old things with new things. These sessions are about me telling your story and not mine. And this is where we get to truly mix all of the mediums together and make that happen. One part digital photography, for those fast paced in between moments that are my favorite and easy to miss while shooting analog film. One part analog film photography, for the moments I crave when you all slow down for a moment. One part instant film, because I know we live in a fast paced instantaneous world and who doesn’t fucking love polaroid film? One Part Super 8 film, because motion film is underrated and I am trying my hardest to bring back family films. The lovely cropped, lo-fi aesthetic of 8mm film is my entire vibe and I will make family films a trend again for this generation.

Investment starts at $1500

Digital, Film, & Super 8

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This is for couples who are doing things a little bit differently and looking for a collective experience that feels unapologetically like you. These are about smaller gatherings with the ones who are truly your people. It’s about having tangible reminders of forgotten moments. Having longer and slower days. And unconventional timelines. That is where I truly thrive and am able to integrate myself into your day and your story. I am less interested in taking photos you found on a checklist, or just being a vendor at your wedding. I want to have an unwavering connection with and genuine regard for what makes both of you, you and all the cool shit in between. 

Investment starts at $4000

Small Weddings & Elopements

HELL YES. I can be as hands off or hands on as needed. I am all about breaking trends or doing a quick switch on trends and making it our own. I will always lend guidance on location and lighting and I can lend guidance in clothing + props. For lifestyle work I like to keep it pretty authentic to you. For branding I like to break barriers. For weddings I like to have a chill unregimented plan for the day so we chat a lot leading up. Questionnaires go out with guidance and I am always here for ya. 

Do you help in the process of planning?

Going on 14 years. But officially full time since 2014. I took a break for almost a year when my dad passed away but I have been going strong + fully booked out ever since. 

How long have you been a photographer?

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Basically what I like to call Magic in the Mundane. I firmly believe in the practice of being yourself in photos. This means candid and HONEST moments are what I live for. I prefer a very hands off approach where I can almost silently direct you. But I throw in some golden nuggets of guidance along the way. I pay close attention to your natural interactions with yourself and others. I notice things you do that you might not even notice you do. There will alot of "do that thing again you just did with your hand" "shift your posture back to how you just had it" I am fascinated with movement, mixed lighting and the in between moments. I anticipate things happening and am quick to document them. 

What is your approach?

I live in washington so rain is a THANG. I am very go with the flow. If we need to reschedule, cool if you want to embrace the weather also cool. I always have a studio as a backup option too! 

What if the weather isn't ideal?

FAMOUS FIRST WORDS TO A BOMB SESSION. Lots of people tell me they are worried about how they will act or look once the camera is out. Good news, I am a professional at making people feel comfy. Most of my sessions start without you even looking at me. I promise you're in good hands here. I will show you photos along the way through out session and hype ya up and reassure you. Most of my sessions had people starting out with those same words "we're awkward" Take a look at my work I promise they were not at all awkward. 

We don't know how to act.. we're awkward. 

Lifestyle + Family
You can expect 100-400 images depending on your package and the length of your session. I am a habitual overshoot to the highest extent. You'll get all the good shit without it feeling redundant. 

Weddings + Couples
You can expect around 600-1500 images depending on your coverage, and how the days go. Smaller weddings usually land between 600-1000 where larger and longer days at between 1000-1500. Most of my weddings in 2022 are all 50 or less people and for around 5-7 hours. I am digging the smaller days filled with lovely moments. I want your gallery to tell a story of the whole day or are time spent together which = lots of photos. 

How many photos can we expect? 

Lifestyle + Families
During the months of January through May family sessions are around 1 week turn around maybe 2.

During wedding season June - October they are closer to 4 weeks for a turn around time. 

Weddings + Couples
During the off season my turn around is 2-3 weeks.

During peak wedding season it can be closer to 8-12 weeks for a full finished gallery. My contract states 3 months. I try to never hit that point. 

What is your turnaround for photos? 

Well the answer is yes, and NO.
I have decided that I no longer prefer to do sneak peeks and I will tell you why. 
They take away from the story, they take away from the excitement and they are A LOT of extra work. I prefer my families and couples to see their photos in the right atmosphere, the right vibe, and the right time. Also doing sneak peeks quite literally makes it take longer to get you your photos in the end. Instead of sorting and choosing the images and working on them and finishing them.. with sneak peeks you have to go through the photos upwards of 4x. This adds hours or work, and honestly burns your photographer out on looking at you. The only time you're going to get sneak peeks is if you add polaroids or 35mm film to your session or wedding. This is because I get the film developed every Tuesday and Thursday and have the scans back the SAME DAY. This means I can have a very fast turn around on film photos and therefore they make a great alternative to a sneak peek. 

Do we get a sneak peek?

Drop an inquiry on my contact form. Vibe with me via your inquiry form.  Pay a retainer ($100 for new lifestyle clients + $1000 for all wedding clients)
That's it. You're booked. 

How can we book you?