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what we do and how we do it

Our Philosophy on Storytelling


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The difference between analog film and digital photography is what comes out in the end. Film, so very distinct and unrepeatable. These analog sessions are super intentional and loaded with that same nostalgic feeling you get while looking through old photos.. That vibe that they’re from another time. Analog film sessions include digital scans of two rolls of film. Color film is shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji 400h. Black and white film is shot on Kodak 400tx. Each roll of film includes 36 exposures.

Investment starts at $500


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My love runs deep with mixing old things with new things. These sessions are about me telling your story and not mine. And this is where we get to truly mix all of the mediums together and make it happen. One part digital photography, for those fast paced in between moments that are my favorite and easy to miss while shooting analog film. One part analog film photography, for the moments I crave when you all slow down for a moment. One part instant film, because I know we live in a fast paced instantaneous world and who doesn’t fucking love polaroid film? One Part Super 8 film + sound recordings, because movement is underrated and I am trying my hardest to bring back family films. The lovely cropped, lo-fi aesthetic of 8mm film is my entire vibe and I will make family films a trend again. 

Investment starts at $900

Digital, Film, & Super 8

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This is for couples who are doing things a little bit differently and looking for a collective experience that feels unapologetically like you. These are about smaller gatherings with the ones who are truly your people. It’s about having tangible reminders of forgotten moments. Having longer and slower days. And unconventional timelines. That is where I truly thrive and am able to integrate myself into your day and your story. I am less interested in taking photos you found on a checklist, or just being a vendor at your wedding. I want to have an unwavering connection with and genuine regard for what makes both of you, you and all the cool shit in between. 

Investment starts at $4000

Tiny Weddings & Elopements