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you can call me sara—


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I hired the amazing Oxford Comma Co. to take over all of my web copy. Stay tuned for an updated bio + small rebrand mid Feb. 2022

A no-bullshit storyteller Based between
seattle and bellingham washington

I'm about stopping time, when it feels like it’s moving too fast.  

No. 1 

I lived on a boat for 4 years between Lake Union in Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

In another life I’d be a DJ and play all the good cuts.

No. 2 

I am obsessed with estate sales. I will always pull over for one if I have the time

No. 3

I met my husband on the front porch of a block party and we were engaged within 6 months. 
It truly was a weird case of love at first sight

No. 4

I am convinced I lived another life during the studio 54 days

No. 5

I have zero fear of public speaking

No. 6

I live in a 70’s style mini mansion on 100 acres of Tulip Fields and have it loaded with all of the house plants. 

No. 7

I can sleep anywhere, anytime of day for any amount of time. 

No. 8

I have my Dad’s old 77’ International Scout that I’m currently working on rebuilding

No. 9

I’m a fiercely loyal friend. I once traveled all the way to Austin Texas to watch my friends indie band play a 15 minute set in a shitty dive bar during SXSW. Big supporter of my friends' dreams. 

No. 10

I am an enneagram 8

No. 11

I like 5 star, HOT ASS food 

No. 12

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